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Megan helped me realize how important systems are. I was doing everything myself. I built a strong business, but the demand was starting to weigh me down. I have implemented some of Megan’s strategies and I am very happy to report I am doing AMAZING!

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I thought I was ready to start my business until I sat down to “get started” and I realized how much I didn’t know! After a consultation with Megan Galane, I was able to use resources that saved me so much time and research! Megan’s strategies were the true “kickstarter” for my business and now I can spend my time where it counts! Thanks! Close Quote

Megan Galane has offered me greater perspective on what to do as a new entrepreneur and business owner. Her insight into becoming your own boss, and branding yourself has given me the confidence to venture into solidifying a foundation while build a new business. Her knowledge of different business technologies, applications to utilize, and her own experience while starting out has inspired me to keep going even when I felt like giving up. Business is like a baby, and Megan is the perfect guide on success on failures when first starting out.

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I’m a new online business owner and didn’t know where to start when it came to “making time to plan” and being prepared for everything surrounding my online store. Megan’s one on one immediately changed my outlook as to how I should be planning & executing all the things I need to get done in a more structured, simplistically flowing way.

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