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Megan Galane, CISP

Take Your Business To The Next Level With a One-on-One — 1 Hour Business Development Coaching Session

What Is Included With My Coaching Call?

  • Coaching: 1 Hour Video Recorded Business Development + Strategy Session
  • Description: Dive Deep into Your Survey, Answer Questions, Give Feedback, and Building Systems for You to Implement, Uncover Mindset Roadblocks to Skyrocket Your Success
  • Follow-Up: Follow-Up via Email on Due Date with a Survey to Ask Any Follow-Up Questions the May Have Come Up
  • After Payment Received: You will Receive an Email with A Link to a Survey to Complete. Once the Survey is COMPLETED, You Will Receive an Email with a Date to Schedule Our Video Call. Have a Microphone/Headphones with a Speaker and a Camera Available for our Session

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