Refuse Defeat with Kristie Belliston

#014 Zero to #1 in Network Marketing (In 1 Year)

After hearing Kristie’s story, this was the first image that popped into my head! (I do not own copyrights to this image)

Your next move may be your best move. As long as you keep moving, you are moving closer to your dream! I repeat this to myself at least once a week. It is your duty, to share the knowledge and the passion about your service or product with anyone that will listen!

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Can this be hard, YESS! I can’t say that enough. Will everyone understand what you are talking about or your passion, no, but that twinkle behind your eye may catch the attention or your largest producer or your best client.

It is possible to make a sale without being salesy and just sharing what you love. The excitement, the drive, the creativity that goes into the way you explain your service or product may just be the right words to turn a no into a maybe. Then by showing consistency, that maybe may turn into a absolutely.

Krisitie has multiple examples of types of business, so this does not fall into just one category. I like to think of this message as more than just business and in life.

What are you willing to do to reach your goals?

Are you willing to continue sharing your knowledge and your passion?

Never live you life in a “what if” and start living to the fullest! You are an amazing human being. It can only go 2 ways. Not right now or yes, you decide.

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