Refuse Defeat featuring John Barcelo

#011 Two Resources For Legal Advice

Business can be very fun and lucrative! It can also be soul crushing all around money, family, and friendships. Let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur has some REALLY good days and some REALLY bad bays. What makes you an entrepreneur is the fact you keep going and conquer all days!

One would never ideally think about a family member or friend purposely giving them  bad advice, right! Well, it happens. I think most cases I hear about a deal doing bad there is a family or friend involved that meant well at the beginning.

I know when you are out there hustling for business and spending your last few cents on pb&j or 1 more campaign it may be hard to see the value in discussing with an attorney or advisor. I didn’t see the value either when I was starting, but just like John, $100 could have saved him thousands + all the time spent.

There are pretty inexpensive options when looking for quick business advice. Below I listed two I found from a simple Google search, keep in mind you can always interview attorneys in your area and they may have a lower fee for inquiries. I have not tried these or give any advice on which is best. Please do your research!

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