Refuse Defeat with Jessica Hurley

#010 Your FAKEST You — Why are you lying to yourself?

This takeaway is a little different. I normally like to give specific actionable steps on how to avoid the type of failure we discussed. I don’t want you to think, ugh I am wasting my time there’s no steps here, but this is something I had to do myself to really determine my journey.

In this take away I want you to dive deep!

We can give millions of excuses, but why do you actually tell yourself NO! Are you justifying your lack of conscience? Are you worried about what some may think? What about if you fail?

Dig deep to find your no. Most likely this is a seed that was planted in you very early in life. It may even been by mistake, but ultimately it comes back to your responsibility to determine it and fix it. Find your “problems” and when you take the time to learn about yourself, that may be your passion project. You may be a warrior in finding your problem that you can actually help others in overcoming that struggle or battle. I know it sounds so crazy! A year ago, I would not be writing anything like this! If I didn’t dig deep myself I would have NEVER known what I really wanted in life and everything would just continue being a dream.

Most importantly, I need you to understand that the way you feel about yourself and the thoughts you allow to control your mind. Think honestly and openly how you feel about yourself. Seriously, do you tell yourself not to eat that because you are fat. Do you say things like “I’m too broke” are you putting yourself down any time you can? You can write this down or just keep this in your mind when you go to make a little decision in your head. You will begin to notice how you speak to yourself and what you allow yourself to believe.

Now that you are aware of your thoughts. You have cleared your mind and you are working on talking positive to yourself, your passions and business will come next. You must operate on a clear & honest mindset. Without faith, awareness, and honest mindset you will not be able to think of goals clearly. Nor will you connect with your audience because it will probably feel like you are hiding something.

Think of your audience as your best friend that knows everything about you. Now, take it away! I cannot wait to see your business thrive.

You can hear my personal deep dive story (well the specific highlights) on The Stranded Phase Podcast. The link will be added after this goes live!


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