Refuse Defeat featuring Joshua Lisec

#006 Pitch Yourself — Knowing Your Audience

Whether you are pitching for a potentially life changing event, like Joshua was for TEDx, preparing for an interview, or pitching your services to a potential client you should know about your audience.

Event Pitch:

    1. Choose the event you wish to be apart of.
    2. Do your research on HOW TO APPLY. Most of the time, you can Google the event and someone has written an article on their experience or you may even find the perfect how-to apply guide.
    3. Do your research on the actual event type. After this interview I did some research on TEDx talks in my area. I found it extremely easy to find information once I started looking for it. (I even applied for one! The one I applied for had a theme, and I’m not sure if I am actually a good fit – but I will let them make the decision.)
    4. *Make sure to know if there is a due date for submissions!
    5. Now, the lesson Joshua mentioned is knowing the audience. If you do enough digging, you can find the information on the people in charge of the event. I am not sure if you would be able to find the judges information, but being aware of your surroundings.

      This was at a college – if he thought about their audience it probably was something they wanted to appeal to colleges. Now, this is a mistake that I would have easily made because it is an opinion. That is what TEDx represents is a new way of thinking, so to vito someone based on a different way of thinking is a not an ideal situation.

      Another important lesson is, instead of choosing a huge uproar he applied for another event and nailed it! I included the link below if you would like to watch!

      Joshua mentions that he actually has attracted a client from this TEDx talk.

      What if he did the first one and the new client never saw it?!

      He could have ran away from the organization and never reapplied – and never got that client or the next that comes from it!

      I am a huge believer in the power of the mind and how you react to situations. This is a lesson I have trained myself to believe. Over the years, I felt like I messed up or I did something wrong. Training myself to take this as a lesson and learning from it instead of hiding has been life changing.

    6. If you get the opportunity to share your ideas or present: Study, be prepared, and do amazing! This is what you dreamed of!

      If you don’t get it, reapply or find a way around. The only no you should listen to is the one that you accept. MAKE THIS A LESSON.

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