Refuse Defeat featuring Jodi Stabile

#004 Consistency is Key — The Opportunity Will Present Itself

When opportunity presents itself, take it! Showing up is more than half the battle.

Side story: A while ago I was hiring an assistant. After multiple no-shows I got excited when someone showed up. Good interview or bad, they showed up! That says something. This wasn’t some minimum wage job out in the sun job either; good pay, health benefits, 401k, the whole nine yards (no degree necessary, 100% on the job training). And the person that got hired was 1/9 interviews scheduled. Can you believe it?! All she had to do was show up and she got the job.

Jodi mentioned she stayed consistent, her clients could trust her to show up! By just staying consistent you will build trust. Her clients could trust her to put them through a nice hard and sweaty workout (very sweaty – I participated in a workout before we recorded) every time they showed up for a class. They never drove all the way to the gym to find out class was cancelled for the day.

Have you ever shown up somewhere and they were closed during normal business hours? I have! Now, call me crazy, but when I check your store hours online (on your website) the store should be open right? The only place near me that has acai bowls seems to have missed that memo. They were consistent for a while, but then all of a sudden, it was a guess if during normal business hours someone would be there. I wouldn’t say I was a regular, but one would assume that they are closed for good. Honestly, after about 3 random closed times I haven’t been back. I had to find another place that is a little further away, but I know they are there for a yummy acai bowl!

You are losing current business by breaking trust with your customers/clients. You could be losing future business for your inconsistency.

Jodi showed up, people gained trust, and brought their friends.

This is a perfect example of encouraging more business! Why wouldn’t you want to train hard for someone that is always there to encourage you?

She jumped on the opportunity to be uncomfortable, grow personally and start a profitable business that fulfills her passion of fitness! The first step was staying consistent through the scary times and the good times.

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