002 Focus — Overcome the Fear of Constant Rejection

#002 Focus: Overcome the Fear of Constant Rejection

10 Ideas to Pick Yourself Up

I am going to start by saying…

100% of people are “salesman” at some point in your life. Whether you like to think of yourself of not in a position of sales, you are. You are selling yourself to the world daily. It can be how you carry yourself – are you confident are you shy? People can read your body language, you may be selling yourself poorly.

Even jobs you would never think you are in sales, you are.

Example: A stay-at-home mom trying to get a toddler to eat it’s vegetables:

  • This could be a hard sale, you need to finish this because you’ll have strong bones and grow.
  • A negotiation, you’ll get dessert after you finish all your broccoli.
  • Loss of a sale, you just give up on the argument and let them run away broccoli free.  

Hearing NO after NO can be daunting (and a huge mood kill), but what if you hear one YES after a day full on NOs? What if that one last conversation is your YES?  

Does that seem too perfect? Ok, that’s fine. Let’s be real. If you are selling yourself as desperate, depressed, or just off when pitching a sale – yes you will probably hear a no over and over again. You are selling your product or service AND yourself. How do you like getting sold?

I made a list of what I like to see in a sales person and what I strive to be like when I am selling:

  • Confident attitude, but not overly cocky
  • No overselling – you can have a script or go into detail, but let’s have a conversation too (I probably have done some research so wow me!)
  • Knows their product/service
  • Loves their product/service
  • Uses their product/service (if possible)

When I go into a sale, I like to keep these aspects in mind. You may like a cocky mother fu*@&$ that knows you are going to buy and has a shiny watch. If you don’t know, watch what attracts you when you are being sold on something. You can build your own “avatar” on the perfect sale.

Now that you know your feeling of a sale – you need to keep your focus. That means, if you are going into a sale – remember this can be a networking event too. Anywhere you are selling yourself or your product/service stay focused on that product/service. Do not walk in to this meeting saying I can sell your house, get your life insurance, and sign you up for essential oils. Have a purpose for this one meeting and be an expert. Again, look at that salesperson you like being sold from – do you want an expert in your field or a dabbler?

10 Ideas on how to pick yourself up after a day full of NO’s

  1. Smile – fake it until it is real
  2. Take a deep breath, think of a clean slate, review your material, and go into your next meeting envisioning the sale
  3. Don’t stop the momentum – make sure your schedule is filled with sales meetings. You can tweak and refine each meeting as you go. As you see what is working, keep. Pay attention to body language and facial expression, you may pick up on things that don’t work!
  4. Follow-Up, be that person that remembers the person that didn’t buy in the first pitch or be the person that reminds the buyer they wanted this. I cannot count how many sales just following up has earned me!
  5. Talk to a friend – my friends are all in sales, they know there are tough days. Do a quick vent session and get back on the ball. Your friend may even have some pointers to close your next sale even if they aren’t “selling” daily. Everyone has been sold to!
  6. A simple walk around the office or outside helps give you a solid breather to head back into your meetings refreshed.
  7. Have a conversation with a stranger – this is probably foreign, but it’ll put you on the spot and remind you that everyone could use a pair of ears to hear their story!
  8. Ask a client why they chose to work with you! Ask them your strengths and weaknesses. Finding out more about what your current clients see will help you build your relationship and teach you something you didn’t know about yourself.

I hate to give pointers that involve rewarding yourself with food or stopping the momentum – but some days it happens!

  1. [Bonus] I like to have a midday coffee or smoothie, personally! Caffeine is an awesome pick-me-up and so it some fresh fruit! Make sure you had a mean recently. Lack of nutrition can bring your mood down.
  2. [Bonus] If you really need a mental break, I like a quick gym session. This can be HIIT cardio or lifting. I personally like a HIIT lift if I am feeling overwhelmed. I need to make this as hard as I can so I don’t think for 30 minutes!

Now get out there and rock your potential clients! Moping won’t make a sale – you might as well smile and realize. YOU GOT THIS!

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