Refuse Defeat with Megan

#001 Introduction to Refuse Defeat

How Refuse Defeat Came About

AHHHH — I am so excited to be sharing failures of people that seem to have their sh*& together! Seriously, I hate watching all these people on social media looking like they didn’t want to run away from all their problems at some point.

I started Refuse Defeat to share business owner’s failures that almost ended their business!

I actually got this great idea from a seminar I attended in the spring of 2018. I will share the name at a later date once I get the seminar host to come on the show ;). I told myself, going into this seminar I am not going to watch from the sidelines and not meet people and just reach out later and hope for the best. So, I waited until the last possible moment to share my win for the event! IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING. I had the happy shakes and tears (so embarrassing).

I was in line at the end of a 3 day seminar getting ready to take my picture with the cool host ever and then this bada$ business woman comes up to me and gives me a hug to tell me how proud she is of me for talking. I didn’t know this lady and never talked to her. I saw her around through the event, but never had the chance to meet her. Side note: the whole freaking event was filled with bada$ business owners, so the feedback I received all 3 days was super helpful! This lady did however stand up multiple times throughout the event so I felt like I semi knew her so I was overly joyed someone with such an awesome business resume came up to me to say I did great.

As the story goes on we get to talking on how I can reach my audience. She gave me how she did it, how she grew her group, and just how she came up with this information. Literally, after 3 days it hit me. I was targeting someone who wasn’t going to understand me.

We brainstormed where I would have went for information when I was overwhelmed, the topics I would have been searching and she just gave me words of advice.

That, my friends, is the start of Refuse Defeat!

I realized, I was listening and reading about how these people who built their empire, how they wake up at this time to do these tasks, how they do their hardest work in the morning, and just overall all these great concepts that work for them. I was wanting to mold my business into those of successful empires – but that just wasn’t working for me.

She asked me, what do you like doing – well I like to lift in the mornings, I manage to do cardio after, then I take my dogs on a walk. I like to listen to educational podcasts while I do all this. If I don’t listen to an educational podcast during this time, I make sure to add it on my drive.

(This was my ah-ha moment) She was like – well why wouldn’t you do a podcast instead of forced videos? I was like AHHHHHH I don’t freaking know why I would struggle to do videos if I don’t have to. Podcast style I don’t have to be dressed with makeup done and the other person can be themselves.

As I started asking people to join me on this venture. I thought – how cool would it be if they could show their business and what they do if they want. I am not worried about the looks of being perfect, if the person I am interviewing is telling about their failures. Why can’t I show, we aren’t all perfect! Who cares if my lighting is perfect, my ideal listener wants the juicy details to make sure their business thrives!

I hope you enjoy the show! I will be posting 2 times per month to get started.

If you are interested in being on the show or know someone that is a perfect fit – please submit the information RIGHT HERE! I will do my best to accommodate!

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