Ep #11 We Leveled Up at LadyBoss Mastermind

Ep #11

We Leveled Up at LadyBoss Mastermind

Ep #11: We Leveled Up at LadyBoss Mastermind
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It is such a cool feeling having a strong group of women around you where you can actually talk freely, share what’s going on, share your story, but then also be given feedback on how to overcome it.

LadyBoss Mastermind is an event where a group of women come to empower each other through business ideas, future goal sets, to get rid of mind blocks, find areas of opportunity, and to help each other growing our business. Me and my co-founder Jessica Hurley held this event for the 3rd time already.

We Did It!


[00:57] The second event that we threw, we asked everyone to fill out suggestion cards at the end. This can be scary when it’s your event and you’re asking for suggestions on how to make it better or any feedback. When we put them out, we just hope for the best and hope somebody would tell us honestly how they felt and everybody did. Everyone loved it and it was amazing. But then we got some cool suggestions on adding a social media aspect on separating it, making it an all-day event because it ran kind of long. Then also, get deeper and cover some actual mind blocks or our shifts that need to happen to be successful in business. 

[01:58] So this last LadyBoss Mastermind, we were sure to hit all of those suggestions, we had a social media outbreak session, which was called Grow Your Social and we had four amazing panelists on there. We talked about Facebook and Instagram. We had an attorney and then we also had a marketing company come and talk about conversions and growing your business.

“Grow Your Social” went Great


[04:31] Now we go through this really in depth finder on your business and how to grow it at your next moves and you leave with a full one-page business plan but you feel good with your actions for the next 90 days. You have all the steps you need to take, all the tasks you have to do, who’s going to hold you accountable, what you’re going to tell us in our group in 90 days what you succeeded in and we have this great support system with this, this binder thing that we do now.

[06:18] Getting that roadblock out of your way and shifting your whole mindset to the possible success was my favorite message over the whole freaking event. It was the coolest thing to see, not only what I’ve been learning help other women, but also as we’re teaching people. It’s something that my business partner and I had gone through. I’m not in the exact situation, but we went through a shift or some sort of battle within ourselves where we had to figure that out and being able to just give people these tools.

You’ve got to get rid of those blocks in business to grow and grow a solid foundation.

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