Ep #10 Play Your Role… In Business

Ep #10

Play Your Role… In Business

Ep #10: Play Your Role… In Business
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So just being able to step back, take a moment, figure out how to communicate normally. Start with yourself. Yes, the other person sometimes is out of it, but if you can control yourself, you can control what you say and how you communicate. It can normally diffuse the situation if it goes awry. So communication, always is the key in partnerships. 

Business roles are so important and the reasons are because it keeps your business moving and it holds people accountable for what they’re responsible for. The second you get an assistant or get another partner in the business, you’d want to know exactly what you can hand off. It may take some time like training, but at least you can exactly know what you want to give.

How important roles played in your business

[01:36] Business roles are what you are, you’re in charge of — the money, the marketing, the content, whatever it is you’re in charge of, write that down and what I like to do is, if you like it, put a star next to it. If you don’t like it, put a frown face or something next to it. Just so you know the exact tasks that you like doing is important. But also just knowing all the tasks are important, especially when you eventually bring on an assistant or a partner. So for yourself, the business roles you want to build your business and eventually you are the CEO but eventually be a CEO of multiple people helping you out with your business or seeing your vision and helping you grow this company’s bigger vision.
[03:04] Now business roles with partnerships, this is where it gets really important. You need to know what you’re good at. You need to know what your partners are good at. So you both know your strengths and this can be the self-proclaimed or if you’ve ever worked together, you know what you work well with. I like to do both or hear both sides of the self-proclaimed and if you work with somebody, know what they’re good at. I also like working with somebody for a little while before we establish the solidified roles. The reason for this is because then I get a feel for how their work is and where we can play.
[10:06] Work with each other’s strengths and roles, communication’s hard and it’s awkward sometimes, especially in business because money’s involved. Feelings get involved and normally friendships get involved in sometimes even relationships. So you do need to keep open communication with all partnerships. I 100% think that because the second communication starts decreasing or someone feels like they’re not able to get their point across. That is when the business starts failing or starts doing poorly because you guys aren’t working together, you’re not on the same page and your business is not going to the same vision. So it is important to work together to know your roles and then to also expand on each other’s weaknesses into strengths and grow each other as a whole.


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