Ep #09 How You Do 1 Thing, Is How Your Do EVERYTHING

Ep #09

How You Do 1 Thing, Is How Your Do EVERYTHING

Ep #09: How You Do 1 Thing, Is How Your Do EVERYTHING
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Get organized and get situations handled in your home life so that you can bring 100% to everything you’re doing. Then move to your business life, do 100% organization in your business. Make sure there are some systems and processes in place. Get an excel spreadsheet going and flowing with all your great ideas and how you would implement it. Then when you’re ready, instead of having your mind crowded with something that you want sawing, you just go back to that one excel spreadsheet that has a cluster of all your fricking great ideas. 

Organization is when you keep things in place and steady. Whether you’d be at home, in your office, or clearing out your mind, being able to focus on what you’re working on hand is how you’re going to reach your next level. Imagine a house or an office full of mess where you can’t find your phone or important papers to submit, the idea itself causes frustration and stress.  You may not realize it, but a messy space around you can have a bad effect on your goals and workflow. Everywhere you look, you see a situation that doesn’t sit right. 

Organization Starts at Home

 [00:31] We’re going to start with at home. Are you organized at your home, this means your finances, your house chores? Do you have somebody hired who can take care of everything? Do you and your spouse or you and your roommate, whomever? Do you guys have a plan in place to make sure daily chores are getting done? It’s not a struggle to make sure your dishes aren’t in the sink — dirty and smelling awful or the trash gets outside on time.
[01:01] Do you guys have that in a system? I know it sounds obsessive to run a house like a system, but it’s so necessary. If you have children, something that I know my parents did that was extremely helpful with a ton of schedules. They printed a monthly schedule and posted on the fridge. So everybody had a special color and we knew where everybody was at based on that color. So think of them, the calendar on your phone, there’s the month view and then everybody had their color and that was how my house was run as a child. 


Organization in Business


[07:07] Once your home’s running smoothly, you’re able to go in your business, make sure your files are organized, make sure all your receipts are organized, you’re up to date on your books, and make sure all your systems are in place. You haven’t missed anything. Your website’s up to date. Your software or funnels or whatever that you use are all up to date. Make sure everything looks good. The brands are all matches. Take some time, I’m not saying take months off at a time or anything. Take off a day! Go through everything just to make sure it’s all updated and fresh and this does not mean to rebrand. This means to make everything updated and fresh to your current stuff.

[07:59] If you work with assistance or you have partners in the business or employees, make sure they’re organized. Make sure they have every system they need. Do they need a different organization? Software that they have currently that’s not working is something getting missed. Go find those little loopholes and take some time and organize your business in a way that anybody can come in and run it. This means you may want to hire an assistant to write processes down and record videos on how the processes are done. Get everything in a place where if you had an emergency and couldn’t work, you can.

So staying organized in your personal and business life really opened up the doors to so many other opportunities. So how you do one thing is how you do everything. 


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