Ep #07 Partnering With a Badass

Ep #07

Partnering With a Badass

Ep #07: Partnering With a Badass
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When you’re in a partnership, you need to be able to say, you know what, I can tell you’re having an off day. Let’s talk about it. How can I make your day better? You know how much that means to somebody when you say that to them. It’s just being able to radiate help or being able to help someone when they’re not at their 100% is a great sign of an amazing partnership. 

Business is always complicated. Most people go into business with their friends, family, or spouse and going into business with one of the them is fine and dandy. You just want to make sure you have specific roles. If you’re going into business with somebody, you want it to be somebody who’s one going to pull their weight and then to hold you accountable and make you better.

Partnership in Business


[02:19] You want to surround yourself and push yourself with people that are always going to propel you forward. So going into business with somebody like that, if you guys have defined roles, you’re going to be able to propel yourself even further along because you know what each other’s good at, you know how you work well together, you know how the business is going to run and it just makes it so you both have time to, you know, read or you have time to grow the business. You have time to do more to propel yourself forward because you’re not worried about the other person doing their job.

[05:19] Now another part of knowing each one of those roles is having an actual list. Creating that contract with your partners in each of businesses, this is what I’m in charge and this is what you’re in charge. This is how we’re going to grow the business and succeed. So having this contract is very, very important. It can be official. I know there’s going to be somebody on here that says it has to be official and then there’s going to be somebody that says you can do it on a handshake.

I fall somewhere in between. So depending on how I feel about that person, first off, we’ll determine if I go into business with them and I can normally tell that within the first couple of times of meeting them. I think more than a handshake cause you need to at least write down what you guys are in charge of. So we’re going to get past the hand and actually write it down and be somewhere between writing it down, signing it, and then having an official attorney document.

[11:26] As long as the sale gets done, the business to get done, the event turns out amazing. We helped a ton of people and on top of it, our businesses are growing outside of that. We’re helping each other grow those businesses and we’re helping each other succeed outside of life and personally. So I think having that business partner in a healthy relationship is important.

It’s important to me that my partners and everybody I help in business has a balance. Whatever those balance is, it may not be the same for everyone, but he/she needs balance and I support that.

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