If I had to describe you, I would say you are…




But, if there is one word to describe your current situation with your business, it would be


You may just be going through a phase, or you are really worried your business will never take off and you will end in failure.

Something tells me that you’re full on entrepreneurial spirit, motivation, and enough ambition to to be the top producer in your industry.


  • You’re completely lost when it comes to Money Management.
  • You need help converting leads to clients.
  • You are feeling extremely overwhelmed, like you cannot add one more thing to your list.

You are a motivated entrepreneur who is taking control of your life and business.

You are ready to automate and grow your business.

But you just don’t know how to make that a reality. You feel like the world is on your shoulders.

Trust me, I have had this feeling. It causes me countless problems…

You are busy, the last thing you want to worry about is making sure your business is running smoothly.

Imagine reconnecting with a potential client + getting a sale because you had an automated schedule that was built for you! Imagine having a system knowing your income vs. expenses.

Does the thought of having a “done for your” business relieve the feeling of the world is on your shoulders?!

Do you feel like this is EVERYTHING that is holding your business back from exploding with growth?

When I started my first business, I just got to work. I NEVER worried about anything except making the immediate dollar with the sale I was working on. Well, as time passed, I realized how naive I was. I realized I was missing buyers left and right because I did not worry about who I could have followed up with.

I took about 6 months off. (Let that sink in, can your business handle a burnout?)

I had serious health problems. I gained about 25 lbs. I was so disorganized, I didn’t know where to even start. I felt defeated. My FIRST business failed.

I asked for a hand from my mom. She helped me refocus and find where I lost focus. She helped me feel confident in my business and I enjoyed turning on the computer again!

This sounds like a perfect ending right… Wrong, to fix all my accounting errors, my follow-up errors, my disorganization. This process took another 3 months. That is a total of 9 months NOT WORKING on growing my business. That is just working in it to fix my mistakes with the help of my mom! (Which I am forever grateful!)

Imagine losing all the opportunities to grow your business because you couldn’t handle one more “thing” added to your plate.

I understand the struggle and I am here to help you make sure you NEVER have a burnout! I have made my “business in a box” system easy to understand + keep you accountable. You will feel sooo relieved to have your hand held in this process! I promise, this is everything I wanted help with plus some.

Hello, I’m Megan Galane.

I help new entrepreneurs build their business from the ground up correctly and build for automation + growth!

Megan’s Philosophy…

I have a strong philosophy to work smarter NOT harder. I am all about the “work hard and play hard” motto, but I do not allow for the work part to ever be a burden. Every step I have added is useful and has a reason!

You Read My Mind!

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Random Facts

Books: Self-help + motivational audio books are my thing!

Health: Lifting is my absolute favorite, I’ll complain my way through cardio workouts. I love yoga, but I am definitely not a yogi – I am the awkward person sweating and breathing hard with each stretch!

My dogs… are my life! I just absolutely adore them! The black pup is Baby, she is a rescue dog who I adopted at ~3 years old. Bailey, the Chocolate Lab, is actually my boyfriend’s dog, but I claim her as my own! If you follow me on Instagram I promise I will not overwhelm you with dog pictures.

Other Things I Enjoy

I enjoy real estate, but not your  average transaction. I like creative transactions and making all sides excited to get a deal done. Helping people that are behind on their mortgage is probably one of my favorite deals!

I love learning! I am always taking classes to grow my knowledge in building a strong business. Each step of a business (even not what I offer) I have probably taken a course just to learn!

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